For New Clients – The Discovery Appointment

Engage in Our Services

If you are considering engaging our services, we suggest that you call to schedule a Discovery appointment. This is a more lengthy (1.5 to 2.0 hours) get-acquainted meeting. In our experience, sorting out financial complexity starts with a simple conversation. We will explain to you how the world of independent planning and advisory services works. From there, you will get to do most of the talking. Together, we will discuss your current situation, as well as your near and long term plans, goals and challenges – from a personal as well as financial perspective.

Complimentary Discovery Session

The Discovery session is complimentary, with no cost or obligation. The Discovery process begins with listening. Why are you here? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you seeking guidance on asset allocation and diversification, tax planning strategies, estate planning, family matters, charitable gifting, meeting long term care needs for a loved one, or other?

Let’s work together

If we determine that it would be mutually beneficial to work together, we will then determine in what capacity. Options include (1) hourly (2) comprehensive planning (3) investment advisory services, and / or (4) a product (i.e. insurance) focused approach. While options 1 and 2 are mutually exclusive, we find that many of our clients benefit from a combination of approaches. By the end of the Discovery session, you will have a verbal proposal (written can follow) that includes the fees anticipated during our work with you.

The “Discovery Experience”

The “Discovery Experience” is a beginning, to build a foundation of what will hopefully develop into a productive long-term professional relationship. We look forward to hearing from you.